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thick and intangible, Xiao MA do not care

Thick black school who practice to an extreme, what things to ingratiate himself can do it, not bound by others, even when in the face of the insultsand ridicule of others, can also be treated with a normal heart. The early Han dynasty, Liu Bang‘s death, Xiongnu chanyu took the opportunity toplunder the Han dynasty territory, also wrote a letter that is bullying tothe Empress, said in the letter: your dead husband, but I was just deadwife, watch you wither nor pretty, you took the land to live with me.Empress read the letter, without a fight, and wanted to kill the Xiongnuchanyu. But the Empress is a thick black woman. She smiles foreign, originalreplied: I’m old, but cannot serve the Great Khan, however, beautiful youngpeople have in our House. So, she sent a maid to the Xiongnu and the hideover the devastating disaster against the Han dynasty.
Empress bloom at that time the use of force, the result is predictable.Because, as early as eight years ago, Liu Bang to wage war against theXiongnu, Ministers agreed that only Liu Jing opposed, said the country had just assumed power, the army was about to break, no fighting, and people aresick of war, the State Treasury cannot withstand the war, Liu Bangda anger.Liu Jing were not breathing a Word, looked at the starting rate of Liu Bang’s mighty army, the blind man riding a blind horse, a deep abyss at midnight. Don’t listen to Liu Jing Liu Bang‘s dissuasion, met Hun army knewno match, defeated and flee, escape will not escape a besieged whitemountaineering, nearly made prisoner. No, hard, soft, Liu Bang the war meansfail, but after Lu smiles foreign peace.
True heartfree method is corrupt, which can reflect people‘s tall. Thisis a form of flattery, but often made unexpected gains. Of course, toutedthe size you can achieve in a disguised form, depending on the thickness ofyour skin. Because kissing kissing does degrade his personality, so manypeople not being able to stick it out. It seems that this strategy can work,key, see if you can complete the use of thick black savoir.
Tang dynasty eunuch politics original is strictly prohibited, but when theChung-Tsung, eunuch’s sharp increase in the number, to thousands of people.Due to incompetence, Wei Hougan political eunuchs began to appear powerfulman, eunuchs began in politics. To Emperor Xuanzong Kai Yuan dynasty, eunuchin the Palace has as many as 3,000 people, including more than five eunuchshave more than 1000 people, which was also to the position of the threegenerals, Emperor Xuanzong Li longji‘s early laudable and wise manner, butin his later years, fatuous hegemony, only pleasure, try to not to Mikeprogress, cause the eunuch control the power, politics is becoming corrupt.
Friendship with Emperor Xuanzong had Gao lishi since childhood and later toserve the Emperor in person, combined with very clever, favored by Emperor Xuanzong of Nin, and not to leave, agrees. After the end of the Kaiyuan,baiguan Memorial to Gao lishi perusal, Wei Gao lishi full authority to deal with little things, big and played only known Emperor Xuanzong. Li Linfu, an Lushan, Gao Xianzhi, who will phase, are relying on highLux onerecommendation is made. GAO lishi became emperor power avatars, referred toPort-au-Prince as two brothers, the Prince said he was old, thebridegroom calls him Grandpa. GAO lishi of my possessions are also veryamazing, inside and outside the capital the best fields and houses, almosthalf the high Lux privateowned, say court officials dote on is the Kingscannot be compared with him.